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All programs are tailored to Your needs, in a 12 session plan throughout 4 months, 3 sessions per month.

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personal development

Focused on — Fear, Lifelong achievements, Ego transcendence, Lifestyle, Holistic living, Self-care, Self-expression, Boundaries, Life purpose, Priorities, Personal awareness, Enjoyment. 

Academic Coaching

Focused on — Planning, Stress reduction, Priorities, Career purpose, Planning, Goal setting, Time management, Potential, Career planning.

Career Coaching

Focused on — Career growth, Career change, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Networking, Organization, Time management, Goal setting, Confidence, Values, Potential.

Leadership coaching

Focused on — Confidence, Communication, Public speaking, Networking, Time management, Goal setting, Talent recruitment & development, Conflict resolution, Delegation, Performance, Productivity, Sales strategy, Quality assurance, Training.

Creativity Coaching

Focused on — Fear, Self-expression, Personal awareness, Purpose, Planning, Goal setting, Time management, Enjoyment, Cultural exploration.

Confidence and Public Speaking coaching

Focused on — Fear, Empowerment, Effective communication, Assertiveness, Self-expression, Personal awareness, Networking, Stress-reduction.

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Focused on — Fear, Empowerment, Confidence, Effective communication, Assertiveness, Self-expression, Boundaries, Priorities, Personal awareness.

Stress Reduction

Focused on — Fear, Empowerment, Boundaries, Priorities, Personal awareness, Holistic living, Centering, Presence, Energy levels, Consciousness, Ego transcendence, Lifestyle, Self-care, Enjoyment.