Life Coaching


What is coaching?

Coaching empowers you to be the agent of change in your own life.

Differently from other methodologies, coaches do not provide advice or counseling. With a thought-provoking approach, coaches will enable you to challenge your own belief system and to consciously design an action plan to achieve your desired results… and why not the life of your dreams?

What differentiates the CORE ENERGY approach?

Coaching is focused on the ‘moving forward’ to create a new future, by setting up goals, steps, and accountability. Core Energy coaches, in addition, “start the process from the inside, digging for the root cause of most challenges and blocks to success, including limiting perspectives about the world, defeating thoughts, and outdated beliefs picked up from family, society, and the media.”

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my mission

My mission is to journey with you into any blocks that are preventing you from living up to your full potential, moving forward and achieving your ultimate goals.

Although external changes are not controllable, we are able to surf the mutability of Life and rise above the waves. As a coach, I will empower you to consciously choose your thoughts and emotions to experience new results.

By providing you with the tools to raise your level of consciousness and to maintain your confidence and enthusiasm, I will walk with you along the way to ensure your desired goals are met. You are not on your own on this!